By now you have seen that we are different than your typical lawyer and our process is a bit different too.  We have three options for your next step:

You can schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation to learn more about us and get a few preliminary questions answered.

You can schedule your Life & Legacy Planning Session and complete the pre-session homework so that you come in prepared to be educated, informed and make empowered decisions for the people you love.

You can schedule an Estate Plan Checkup and Review if you have an existing plan so that you can get educated on whether your existing plan still works for your family or if you have gaps that you must fill to have the peace of mind your family is covered.

Our estate planning process is broken down into three specific meetings - 1-Life & Legacy Planning Process, 2-The Signing Ceremony, 3-The Binder Meeting and Legacy Interview. Each of these is described below and planned out to have your entire plan completed within two months - from our initial session to the delivery of your plan.

The Life & Legacy Planning Session

We block two hours on our calendar for your Life & Legacy Planning Session so we can focus entirely on you and your family needs.  The fee for this meeting is $750 ($950 for a previous plan Checkup and Review), but we have built in ways to waive this fee.  (See note below regarding waiving fee.)  In advance of the meeting, we will send you a packet of information to review and complete.  If you would like to waive the Planning Session fee, you need to complete the inventory and assessment and submit it to us at least 48 hours PRIOR to our meeting.  This helps you begin getting your legal and financial life in order and helps us prepare ahead of time so we can hit the ground running at the meeting. 

During the first hour we will guide you to look at everything you own, everyone you love, and what will happen to all of it when something happens to you.  We talk about what matters most to you, what are your biggest concerns, and what would help you feel the most secure in order to take care of your loved ones in the future. 

If you decide to move forward at this point and engage our firm, then we immediately start designing the most effective and affordable plan for you, together.  When you leave at the end of the meeting, you will have a clear idea of what your plan will look like and how it will be structured.  And before you leave, we will schedule the next meeting for about a month later for you to sign your plan.


How to WAIVE the Planning Session fee: We encourage you to complete the inventory and assessment homework ahead of time because it saves you money and it saves us time!  If you prefer not to submit the homework ahead of time, you are welcome to pay for the Life & Legacy Planning Session and we will credit the Planning Session fee to any additional work we do after the Planning Session.

We require a credit card to hold your appointment slot.  Nothing will be charged except in cases of last-minute cancellations, no-shows, or if you choose not to complete your inventory and assessment prior to the meeting.


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The Signing Ceremony

At your Signing Ceremony, we will review your documents with you in a way that makes your plan easy to understand and shows exactly the way you want things to happen if and when something happens to you.  Once you sign your estate plan – your assets and your family are protected!

Since we are not a traditional law firm, we see this as the planning phase and only the beginning of our relationship.  Where other lawyers may send you on your way with your final binder, we schedule one more meeting as part of your initial planning. 

The Binder Meeting and Legacy Interview

The next step of the process is to verify all your assets are transferred and held in the appropriate title for your plan.  Depending on the type of plan you chose, either you will be doing the transfers with our guidance or you will have hired our firm to transfer the assets for you.  During the meeting, we will review your asset spreadsheet and make sure all your questions are answered.

Also during this meeting, we will conduct your Legacy Interview.  This is an opportunity for you to record some of those intangible assets like your values, insights, stories and experiences.  You will receive a digital copy of the interview so your loved ones will always have a way to listen to your voice and hear your words of wisdom.  People get so caught up with the day to day of their lives that rarely do they think about how to pass on who they are and what’s important to them.  We help capture that for you and it’s one of the most valuable aspects of our estate planning.

The Maintenance Phase

At no additional charge, we will review your estate plan at least every three years and keep you informed about changes in the law and other issues that may affect your family and your wealth. 

We also developed an annual membership program to ensure your plan continues to work throughout your lifetime, even if you have a lot of lifetime changes.  For more information, see our Legacy Membership. 

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